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Nelson Aristizabal’s debut album, playing Colombian Andean music on a modern 12-string Chapman Stick.

{"playlist":[{"title":"Camale\u00f3n (Lucas Saboya)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal. Artists guest Guillermo Cides, Stick (solo)","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/01_Camaleon.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"3:08","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Minimito (Germ\u00e1n Dar\u00edo P\u00e9rez)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal. Artists guest Colacho Brizuela (Guitar)","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/02_Minimito.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"3:23","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Bambuqu\u00edsimo (Le\u00f3n Cardona)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/03_Bambuquisimo.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"2:16","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Mi Camino (Germ\u00e1n Dar\u00edo P\u00e9rez)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/04_Mi_Camino.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"3:55","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"C\u00edrculo Virtuoso (Carlos Guzm\u00e1n)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal. Artists guest Guillermo Cides, Stick (solo)","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/05_Circulo_Virtuoso.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"3:46","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Bambuquirri (Germ\u00e1n Dar\u00edo P\u00e9rez)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/06_Bambuquirri.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"2:29","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Or\u00edgen (Lucas Saboya)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal. Artists guest Guillermo Cides, Stick (solo)","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/07_Origen.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"2:50","playlistid":"playlistid-1"},{"title":"Palos Palos (Germ\u00e1n Dar\u00edo P\u00e9rez)","artist_name":"Nelson Aristizabal","audio_file":"https:\/\/nelsonaristizabal.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/08_Palos_Palos.mp3","poster_image":"","duration":"4:39","playlistid":"playlistid-1"}]}

This album is one-of-a-kind, showcasing honesty and the scents of a hidden and beautiful Colombia. A unique meeting of traditions and new instruments.» Guillermo Cides, producer.

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Nelson Aristizabal · Press release
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Guitarist musician graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Pioneer and promoter of Chapman Stick interpretation in Colombia. He participated as a guitarist in the recording of different albums with the Guitar orchestra and the Jazz ensemble of Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has also recorded several Gospel music albums in collaboration of singer and songwriter Esneider Aristizabal.

In 2006, he joined the Colombian and Latin American music group Pentagrama Latinoamericano, with whom he recorded the album «Mis Rosas», in which renowned musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá participated. Among those were Julio Roberto Gutiérrez, director of the Philharmonic Orchestra, maestro Jaime Moreno, and maestro José Vicente Niño. His time with this group, for more than four years, was enough to develop a special passion for the execution of Andean Colombian music such as Bambuco and Pasillo.

In 2010 he discovers the Chapman Stick and its tapping technique starts to define his new musical directions. He starts improving his instrumental technique alongside Chapman Stick player Guillermo Cides, who ends up producing his first album. As part of the Chapman Stick player group “Stick Center” he starts a series of solo concerts in Colombia. He then participates in Chapman Stick ensembles and trios, as well as in different collaborations with musicians from his country.

In this new album, he devotes himself to the research of colombian andean music and its adaptation to the Chapman Stick, which results in an innovative work never before done.

Músico guitarrista graduado de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, impulsor y pionero en Colombia en la interpretación del Chapman Stick.

Participó como guitarrista en la grabación de álbumes con la orquesta de Guitarras y el ensamble de Jazz de la Universidad Nacional. Ha grabado varios álbumes de música Gospel con la colaboración del cantante y compositor Esneider Aristizabal.

En el año 2006 se incorpora a la agrupación de música Colombiana y Latinoamericana “Pentagrama Latinoamericano” con quien grabó el álbum “Mis Rosas” en el que participaron reconocidos músicos de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá entre ellos Julio Roberto Gutiérrez su director, el maestro Jaime Moreno y Jose Vicente Niño. El paso por este grupo durante algo más de cuatro años, fue suficiente para desarrollar una especial pasión por la ejecución de los aires de la música andina Colombina como el Bambuco y el Pasillo.

El 2010 descubre el Chapman Stick y con su técnica de tapping, la que empieza a marcar sus nuevos rumbos musicales. Depura su técnica instrumental junto al stickista Guillermo Cides, quien finalmente produce su primer album. Forma parte del Compilado de Stickistas de Stick Center e inicia una serie de conciertos solistas en Colombia, formando luego Ensambles de Stickistas, tríos y participando en diferentes colaboraciones con músicos de su país.

En este nuevo álbum, se dedica a la investigación de la música andina colombiana y su adaptación al Chapman Stick, lo que resulta en un trabajo innovador nunca antes hecho.

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